first of ol, i wish a hepi x-mas 2 my fwen, n evryone yg celebret x-mas.. ;)
if u guys clbret x-mas, me akn holiday!!! yeah!!! i duno wat i'm going 2 do during dis holiday... myb go 4 shoping, movie, bowling or just stay at home and SLEEP!!! ;) nda sedar dah end of de year again, pas ni new year g n welcome 2008.. its like just yesterday me celebret new year 4 2007 and now its 2008!!! don't u also think n realise dat the time pass very fast????hhoohoh
my wish 4 diz year, not ol of it have done yet, n now i will make a new wish again..hohooh
how about u guys??? yg bestnya, after dis we'll exam n got semester break 4 3 week!! wow!! jus hope dat i can do some/more activities during dat sem break.. ;p