sudenly, i feel very L.O.N.E.L.Y toni8..
i feel like its only me yg alive..
lots of thing i want to say n share but
i'm not de type yg will share my feeling wif sum1 coz
i dun want they know my prob even i realy 1 to tell them..
i don like people make dey "muka simpati" or "muka kasihan"..
i hate dat type of face..
its like i'm de weakest person.. huh!
besides, they od know me as "org teda perasaan"..
opcoz they ol will laugh over me if i do "luahan perasaan" wif them..
rely hate wOo diz feling..
only wif you my dear blog, i wrote down ol of diz..
b4 i join diz blog2in things, i juz write it on my journal book..
but den, my bro found n read it..
oh my
abes gue kn ketawakn oleh him.. kureng tul
see, i tell u od..
they ol wont believe me if i say such thing..