Assalamualaikum wbt..

wah2, skang nie n3ku sumanya tag kn??
nie ar tandanya, idea tlah hilang dtelan tag.. ;p

De rules :
Link to your tagger and post these rules
List 8 random facts about yourself
Tag 5 6 people

i/ suka mronda2
ii/ slalu c nangis ank maci sblh uma
iii/ slalu ktawa nda tentu pasal
iv/ ada kucing yg comey
v/ buta fashion
vi/ hobi br p tgk muvee
vii/ suka men boling
viii/ aQue pompuan ar

So, diz tym I'm going to TAG org2 yg tidak suka tag
~ Inchik Apple (ari tue x kena kn, ambe nie.. ;p)
~ Cik Lolen (2nd tag 4 u ri8?? )
~ Cik Moon (wui dak prasan, wat tag nie.. :p )
~ Cik Bb Syasya
~ Cik Zara (nie kali anda kena..ahah )
~ Inchik Alien13 (tag 1st dariku kn?? )

First name : Hanis
Name you wish you had : Hanis *proud wif diz name
What do people normally your name as : anis, nis, icha(family member only), xoxo(blogging world)
Birthday : 05 November 1986
Birth Place : Sandakan
Time of birth : Ngam2 tym maghrib
Single or taken : Being single is much better
Zodiac sign : Scorpio

My Appearance
How tall are you : 159
Wish you were taller : Syukur seadanya dgn apa yg ada
Eye color : Brown
Current hair color : Brown
Short or long hair : Sedang2 jer
Ever dye your hair a bizarre color : Nop
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair : Never done it b4
Glasses or contacts : Both
Paint your nail : Nda penah, nda sah wuduk
Shy or outgoing : depends wif who n wen
Sexy or cute : 2 2 pun nda
Serious or fun : fun lor, awet muda tue.. ;p
A turn on : erkkk..
A turn off : hah???

This or That
Flowers or chocolate : i luv fud bery muchhh..
Rap or rock : depends wif my mood..
Relationship or one night stand : relation dat has a ship
School or work : school time is owez de best n working tym is owez wat i want coz i got moneyy.. ;p
Love or money : can i choose both??
Movie or music : more 2 music
Country or city : 2 2 pun oke..
Sunny or rainy days : i want both.. tamaha nya
Friends or family : family owez come 1st and den fwen

Have you ever
Lied : tipu ar kalo nda penah bohong kn..
Stole something : never realised
Smoked : i hate smoker.. wui smoker, stay away2 from me..
Hurt someone close to you : have i?
Broke someone's heart : duno.. did anyone broke her/his heart bcoz of me???ihihi
Wonder what was wrong with you : besa ar..
Wish you were prince or princess : i'm prefer jd rakyat jer.. bebas, x praturan yg ntah2
Like someone who was taken : nda penah g
Shaved you head : hah?? nda penah g aQue t'pikir mo jd sami nie
Used chopstick : kalo angin cina b'tiup
Sang in the mirror to yourself : kalo da borink tahap dewa19

Flower : daisy, white rose
Candy : chocolate lor
Song : telinga nie universal
Color : kalerful
Movie : horor, comedy
Singer : avril, nidji
Junk fud : jeruk mangga, asam2
Website :
Animal : kucing
Ever cried over someone : nda penah g
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself : dare to stand alone
Do you think you're attractive : Nop
If you had to choose a fairy tale as your life what would you choose : ermm
Do you play any sport : Yup.. bowling, volleyball, badminton, hockey, futsal xcep bola jaring.. yg nie aQue mmg x reti dr dulu g..ohoh

pjg siot eh tag nie.. Photobucket