Assalamualaikum wbt..

gudnite claz..
toni8 we r going to do an ICON 4 our blog..
like de pixie below..
u want it??

wokei, pls folow de step corectly k

--> u guys go HERE
--> uplod whic pic u want to bcome ur icon
--> COPY code yg 2nd

--> go 2 LAYOUT
--> den EDIT HTML
--> find diz code (/head)

--> found it od??
--> paste de CODE before de (/head)

--> got it?? i noe :24:
--> den SAVE

--> refresh ur page n its done!

Tengkiu claz..
dats ol 4 our claz tonite.. :27:

learning is funhappyy-stop