Assalamualaikum wbt..

November is coming..!!!
its means, new year is juz aroun de corner..
its oso means, de time is running bery fast..
its oso means, i have to make a new wish.. old wish da t'capai ker..??
oso means de age is getting 'younger'..
oh my..

since 10 month nie, mcm lum ada apa2 jak bha yg hapen ngan aku..
abes study on Jan den konvo on Ogos..
means, almost 10 month aku jadik penganggur yg sgtlah yg bertauliah..hooh
sadis kn my life..??huhuhu

den, wat wud hapen nx year..??
xkn la kn de same story yg will hapen??
Try hard xoxo to change it n let Allah swt do de rest..