Assalamualaikum wbt..

tomorow is Black Monday pla tau.
and starting from 2mrw oso, i got to folow a
new timetable for diz new year at a new month for my new job.
huh! so many new2 thing.

starting 2mrw,
have to sleep early od, spesificnya b4 11pm!
b4 diz, even sleep at 6am pun can.
even x sleep at all pun, bulih bha kalo ko.
but now.....???

if i have to sleep early, means
my time for blog-walking + nuff-walking +
skodeng2 + farm-ing + restorant-ing + cafe-ing
will be limited..
pnylah x suka..

even i have to sleep early,
korg jan lupa tau jenguk2 umah aku nie.
smbil tue klik2 my Mr. Comel Nuff.
don't wory, i'll return de favor ^-^