Assalamualaikum wbt..

1993 - Primary 1
1999 - Form 1
2001 - PMR
2003 - SPM
2005 - STPM
2009 - Graduate + Work

can you guys see dat..??
mostly evrything hapen to me on odd year.
mcm kbtln pla kn coz i also luv odd no. ^^
so far, an even year juz pass away like dat.
it didt'n got any meaning at all to me.
there's nothing important or unimportant things hapen,
so its realy nothing to me.
but, diz year i realllllyyy hope sumtink can hapen.
like, dpt bf baru ka. ha.ha.ha

*selepas aku buat muhasabah diri skjap
either it odd or even year
it still will pass thru us without U realize it
it won't wait for U.
dat year is important or not,
its U to decide it.
de power is in your hand..

My Last Journal of 2009

-- triple muvee in a week --

29 December 2009
wathing Paranormal Activity at home
besttt smpi my bro pun leh t'kezut n t'takut

30 December 2009
watching Treasure Hunter wif Mumu
bestt ceta dia tp cam gantung pla.
myb ada yg 2nd kot

01 January 2010
wathing The Vampire Assistant
best tp yg nie pun gantung tul ceta dia.
knfm ada lg yg 2nd nie.ho.ho